What is another word for spiv?

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[ spˈɪv], [ spˈɪv], [ s_p_ˈɪ_v]

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    Synonyms for Spiv:

    How to use "Spiv" in context?

    The word "spiv" is a British word that means a person who engages in criminal activity as a sideline to their regular profession. The Oxford English Dictionary describes a spiv as "a dishonest person especially one who engages in casual criminal activity such as mugging or burglary for personal profit".

    Spivs can be found in all walks of life and can be found engaging in a wide range of criminal activities. Some common spiv activities include petty theft, pick pocketing, and street dealing.

    The word "spiv" has a negative connotation and is often associated with criminals and lawbreakers.

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