What is another word for loafer?

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[ lˈə͡ʊfə], [ lˈə‍ʊfə], [ l_ˈəʊ_f_ə]

Loafer is a word that refers to a person who is lazy or idle, and can also mean a type of shoe that is slip-on and casual in nature. However, there are several synonyms for this word that can be used to express the same ideas in a different way. These synonyms include sluggard, idler, layabout, laggard, slouch, drone, and bum. One can use any of these words in place of loafer to convey the same meaning. Using synonyms of a word can add diversity and depth to writing and can also prevent redundancy in language.

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    There is perhaps no more iconic footwear style in america than the loafer. Originating in 17th century England, the style found a following in the New World and has since become a staple in any respectable men's closet. Traditionally made from cork or felt, a loafer is simple but versatile footwear that can be dressed up or down. Whether you're throwing them on for aafter work meeting or slipping them on for a lazy morning jog, a good pair of loafers will give your feet the comfort they need and the style they crave. Shop our selection today and enjoy the easy comfort of loafers.

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