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When describing someone who is out of work, there are a variety of synonyms to convey the same meaning. Some common alternatives for the word "unemployed" include jobless, out of work, disemployed, idle, and redundant. Other variations that can also be used include workless, without employment, not working, and laid off. Each of these terms describes someone who is currently not earning a living through employment. They may have lost their job due to layoffs or a company closure, or they may be having difficulty finding work in their field. Regardless of the term used, each describes an individual who is looking for employment opportunities.

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How to use "Unemployed" in context?

In today's economy, it is more difficult than ever for someone to find a job. As of 2016, there were over 18 million people in the United States who were unemployed, a number that has been steadily rising for the past few years. In many cases, people who are unemployed may have skills and degrees that are worthy of a job, but they are not being hired because there are too many jobs available or they are not qualified for the positions that are available. Additionally, many people who are unemployed may have taken a break from their job search in order to take care of family or personal responsibilities.

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