What is another word for startle?

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"Startle" is a strong reaction to something unexpected or surprising, and there are many synonyms to describe this feeling. Some common synonyms for "startle" are "shock," "surprise," "frighten," "astonish," and "jolt". These words all convey a sense of suddenness and alarm that can be triggered by a loud noise, unexpected event, or unsettling experience. Additionally, other synonyms for "startle" include "start," "jolt," "suddenness," and "shock value." Using these synonyms can help to add variety and nuance to our language, and can help us to better express the intense emotions associated with being startled.

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How to use "Startle" in context?

The word "startle" has a variety of meanings, but in general it refers to causing a sudden, unexpected reaction in someone. It can be used to describe something that shocks or surprises someone, or it can refer to making someone jump out of their seat. In most cases, startles are unintentional and are often used for comedic purposes. However, there are situations where startles can be intentional and are used to intimidate or threaten someone.

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