What is another word for compose?

Pronunciation: [kəmpˈə͡ʊz] (IPA)

When it comes to writing, it's often helpful to have a variety of synonyms in your vocabulary for common verbs like "compose". Here are a few alternatives: - Create: This is a broad term that can encompass a wide range of activities, including composing music, writing a poem, or crafting an essay. - Craft: This implies a level of artistry or skill involved in the process of composition. You might use this verb to describe the work of an accomplished writer, musician, or visual artist. - Construct: This verb suggests a deliberate and methodical process of building something from various parts or elements. You might use this when talking about putting together a complex argument or synthesizing information from multiple sources. - Formulate: This verb describes the process of developing an idea or plan. You might use this when talking about composing a strategy document or proposal.

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Compose is a verb that refers to the act of creating or putting together something. The word has several antonyms, which means words that have opposite meanings. One of the antonyms for compose is discompose, which means to disturb the tranquility or composure of something or someone. Another antonym is decompose, which means to break down into simpler substances. Other antonyms include spoil, ruin, destroy, and dismantle. Each of these antonyms suggests the opposite of create, construct, or organize, which are some of the key meanings of the word compose. Understanding these antonyms helps us to better understand the versatility of the word and how it can be used in different contexts.

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Usage examples for Compose

It took her the greater part of the hour to compose it, although, when it was finally copied on a sheet of note paper she had brought to school for that purpose, it covered little more than one side of the sheet.
"Marjorie Dean High School Freshman"
Pauline Lester
He could not compose himself after the excitement of the evening.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
She could not go to sleep yet, and the sense of impending danger had so wrought upon her that she knew it would be entirely useless for her to attempt to compose herself for rest.
"The Man from Jericho"
Edwin Carlile Litsey

Famous quotes with Compose

  • And after I compose my programs, but it is very easy because I look to the music in a very natural way without fuss, and so I look always music, in my home, like books and books and books, choose books and you read the pages, so I do this with music, and I make programs.
    Victoria de los Angeles
  • I can't write, I can't paint, I don't compose.
    Richard Attenborough
  • I am my own secretary; I dictate, I compose, I copy all myself.
    Venerable Bede
  • All the choir of heaven and furniture of earth - in a word, all those bodies which compose the frame of the world - have not any subsistence without a mind.
    George Berkeley
  • Many now born, by the time they are voters will compose part of a nation with a genius nowhere equaled, and with a vast territory upon which those energies and that genius can operate.
    Richard Parks Bland

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