What is another word for starving?

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Starving is a strong word that indicates extreme hunger. However, if you are looking to express hunger in a less intense way, there are several synonyms to consider. For instance, famished, ravenous, peckish, famished, empty, and hollow are all words that can be used to describe hunger. If someone is feeling a little hungry, you might say they are simply needing or wanting to eat, or perhaps they are a bit peckish. However, if they are hungry to the point of pain, then using words like famished, starving, or ravenous would be more appropriate. Ultimately, the word you choose to use depends on the level of hunger you are trying to convey.

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    From what I've been told, in general, people generally think of starving as it meaning a person is completely denied access to food. This couldn't be further from the truth. Starving can mean a person is only consuming the bare minimum necessary to stay alive.

    Animals go through a process called starvation metabolic syndrome (SMS). When an animal goes through SMS, their body begins to break down their own muscle and organs in order to extract nutrients to keep their body alive. This happens regardless of if they are in the wild or in captivity.

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