What is another word for hungry?

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When you're feeling pangs in your stomach, you might describe yourself as "hungry." However, there are plenty of alternative words and phrases you can use to express the same sensation. For example, you might say you're "starving," "ravenous," or "famished." Other synonyms include "peckish," "empty," or "craving." You can also use adjectives like "voracious" or "insatiable" to describe your hunger. Additionally, you might use phrases like "in need of food," "on an empty stomach," or "running on fumes." No matter which synonym you choose, be sure to grab a snack or meal to satisfy that hunger!

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There is something particularly sad about people who are always hungry. It seems like an incredibly tough lifestyle to maintain, one where you are constantly on the lookout for anything that could provide a modicum of sustenance. For many of us, even an hour without sustenance is an ordeal. Yet for others, hunger is a permanent condition. What causes someone to become hungry? And what are the consequences of being overly Hungry?

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