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Stub is a term commonly used to refer to the leftover portion of a ticket, check, or other similar paper item after it has been detached. However, there are different synonyms for this word, such as voucher, remnant, counterfoil, tab, and ticket-stub. A voucher is a document that serves as proof of payment or redemption. A remnant refers to the piece of something which remains after the rest has been used, removed, or destroyed. Counterfoil is a part of a document that is retained as a record of its issue. Tab is a small projection from an object that is used for grasping, pulling, or hanging. Ticket-stub is a small piece of paper that is issued as a receipt for admission or payment.

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How to use "Stub" in context?

When we talk about a stub, what comes to mind may be an anatomical term for a thin piece of flesh at the end of a finger or toe. But a stub can also be a piece of software that doesn't do much of anything. For businesses, a stub may be a website that they think they need, but don't actually use. Or a piece of software that's not being used very much.

Stubs can be expensive to create, and they can take a lot of time to get right.

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  • stubbe.

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