What is another word for uproot?

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Uproot is a term used to describe the process of removing a plant or tree from soil. It can also refer to removing something from its established position or disrupting a long-standing system or beliefs. Synonyms for uproot include displace, eradicate, unroot, unseat, remove, and extract. To root out, eliminate, or wrench away can also be used instead of uproot. These terms can be applied to different scenarios such as removing weeds from a garden, or eliminating corruption from a government. In any case, the idea of removing something completely from its original place or position is central to all these synonyms.

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    Since you asked, uproot means to remove a plant or tree from the ground, which is an example of an act of gardening. When you uproot a plant, you are practically pulling it out of the ground, and it may take time for the roots to find new soil. In order to encourage new roots to form, water the plant well before you uproot it. If the plant is a shrub, the root ball can be divided into smaller pieces and put into new pots before being placed back in the ground.

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