What is another word for extinguish?

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[ ɛkstˈɪŋɡwɪʃ], [ ɛkstˈɪŋɡwɪʃ], [ ɛ_k_s_t_ˈɪ_ŋ_ɡ_w_ɪ_ʃ]

Synonyms for Extinguish:

annul (verb) Other synonyms:

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  • jeff.

Quotes for Extinguish:

  1. It doesn't help to wait until something happens and then prosecute the offenders, especially if it's the idea of the offender to extinguish himself in the commission of the crime. John Ashcroft.
  2. Good fame is like fire; when you have kindled you may easily preserve it; but if you extinguish it, you will not easily kindle it again. Francis Bacon.
  3. We must recognize that we're all part of a web of life around the world. Anytime you extinguish a species, the consequences are serious. Gaylord Nelson.