What is another word for extinguish?

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Extinction is an act of terminating a fire, a light or anything that is burning, glowing, or emitting light. It is imperative to utilize alternate words to evade redundancy in language use. Some synonyms for extinguish include douse, snuff out, quench, smother, suppress, put out, stamp out, drench, and suffocate. These words denote the act of stopping a fire or extinguishing a light or any other similar thing. Learning synonyms for words is always beneficial to improve writing and communication skills. Hence, using synonyms for extinguish can enable you to convey your message more effectively, and help in producing better, more engaging and diverse content.

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    Although extinguish is often referentially linked with putting out a fire, the word has a broader meaning that can encompass anything from putting an end to a quarrel to preventing damage from happening. In some cases, extinguish may also be used euphemistically to refer to killing someone.

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