What is another word for so?

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[ s_ˈəʊ], [ sˈə͡ʊ], [ sˈə‍ʊ]

Synonyms for So:

therefore (adverb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for So:

  1. co, poe, plateau, gogh, beau, plough, cousteau, below, defoe, owe, roe, oh, loewe, rondeau, stowe, sloe, chateaux, hoe, truffaut, forego, go, tableau, outgrow, tow, ko, mo, au, bordeaux, marceau, crow, stow, slow, forgo, mow, wo, yo, bestow, toe, so-so, glow, monroe, snow, floe, show, munro, thoreau, sow, though, dough, doh, row, bow, foe, grow, pro, throw, blow, know, low, hello, sew, flow, ho, tho, kowtow, turbot, woe, cro, undergo, chateau, kayo;
  2. although, miro, aglow, ago;
  3. imo, overflow, apropos;

Quotes for So:

  1. Any time you stop looking at evil as a black and white thing, it's helpful. So the fact that there won't be any obligatory Islamic terrorist stereotypes in movies any more, that'd be helpful. John Cusack.
  2. I believe that it is irresponsible, it is basically part of the crisis of leadership in D. C. to not look at Social Security and understand that there has got to be a solution posed. We've got to take a look at it and make sure that we create a solution so our seniors aren't left out in the cold. Joe Miller.
  3. You get so weak from eating pears that you fall down, and then they come and take you away on a stretcher. Oliver Reed.

Idioms of So:

  1. it just so happens;
  2. if I may be/ make so bold ( as to);
  3. you should be so lucky!, at you'll be lucky!;