What is another word for supply ship?

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[ səplˈa͡ɪ ʃˈɪp], [ səplˈa‍ɪ ʃˈɪp], [ s_ə_p_l_ˈaɪ ʃ_ˈɪ_p]

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    Synonyms for Supply ship:

    How to use "Supply ship" in context?

    Ships are essential for transporting goods and materials across the globe. For centuries, ships have been the main means of transportation for goods. There are several types of ships, each with its own specific purpose.

    A supply ship is designed for the purpose of supplying ships and submarines with food, water, ammunition, and other supplies. They are usually large, cargo vessels that are able to carry a large amount of supplies. Supply ships are important because they can help to keep naval forces and other ships afloat.

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