What is another word for supporting structure?

Pronunciation: [səpˈɔːtɪŋ stɹˈʌkt͡ʃə] (IPA)

A supporting structure is an essential component in many construction projects. It is defined as any object or element used to hold up or support something else. Synonyms for a supporting structure include a framework, infrastructure, scaffold, base, foundation, underpinning, substructure, reinforcement, and backbone. A framework refers to a basic structure that supports or holds up something else, while infrastructure is the foundation or basic structure on which a system or organization is built. A scaffold is a temporary structure used to support workers during construction. A base or foundation is the lowest part of a structure upon which the entire weight of the structure rests. Similarly, the underpinning or substructure refers to the support system that underlies the main structure. Reinforcement and backbone both refer to additional support added to a structure to strengthen it.

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