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The word "skeleton" typically refers to the framework of bones that supports the body of an organism. However, there are several synonyms for this term, including "frame," "structure," and "framework." Additionally, "scaffold," "outline," and "backbone" are also commonly used. When referring specifically to the bones of the skull, "cranium" or "skull" may be used. In a more metaphorical sense, "bare bones" or "essentials" can also be synonymous with "skeleton," suggesting the most basic and necessary components of something. Regardless of the specific synonym used, each conveys the idea of a basic, underlying structure that supports and shapes a larger whole.

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Skeleton is a boneless body that is muscles, skin and tendons. This is the body of an animal that has died and is covered by earth. The skeleton is an important part of the body because it helps to carry the body weight. The skeleton is also important for learning about how the body works.

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