What is another word for surrealistic?

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Surrealistic is a word that describes something that has the qualities of surrealism. Synonyms for surrealistic include dreamlike, fantastical, bizarre, unusual, uncanny, absurd, or otherworldly. Surrealistic art often features strange and impossible combinations, and so do these synonyms. The word dreamlike implies a feeling of being in a dream or a state of altered consciousness. Fantastical suggests something that is imaginative and beyond the boundaries of reality. Bizarre implies something outlandish and unusual. Uncanny suggests a sense of unease or discomfort in the strangeness of the subject. Absurd suggests something so extreme or ridiculous that it defies logic. And otherworldly suggests something that belongs to a different reality or dimension.

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How to use "Surrealistic" in context?

Surrealism is a movement in art that uses surprising and unorthodox techniques to challenge viewers' assumptions about reality. Surrealists often explore the unexpected ways in which ordinary objects and events can be interpreted.

One of the central principles of surrealism is the belief that reality is fundamentally unreal, and that the natural world is a rich source of unreal beauty. Surrealists often use techniques such as instant photography and drawing to create unworldly portraits of ordinary objects and people. They also explore the potential of dream and fantasy to shed light on the hidden aspects of human life.

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