What is another word for small?

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[ smˈɔːl], [ smˈɔːl], [ s_m_ˈɔː_l]

Synonyms for Small:

little (adjective) short (adjective) small (adjective) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Small:

  1. call, bawl, paul, squall, mol, stall, thrall, hall, tall, all, brawl, drawl, spall, mall, crawl, gall, ball, gaul, wall, awl, haul, maul, sprawl, shawl, pol, saul, scrawl;
  2. appall, withal, enthral, nepal, forestall, recall, install, befall;
  3. senegal;

Quotes for Small:

  1. I have also testified repeatedly and published some articles in favor of Small Science. Philip Warren Anderson.
  2. A soul preoccupied with great ideas best performs small duties. Harriet Martineau.
  3. I came from a small town and at school in one class there was me, a member from Depeche Mode and someone who went on to join The Cure. That was all in one class of 30 kids. Alison Moyet.

Idioms of Small:

  1. big frog in a small pond;
  2. small fortune;
  3. little/ small wonder;

Adjectives for Small:

  • most useful.