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The word "normal" is used often to describe something that is regular or typical. However, there are several synonyms that could be used to convey the same meaning in different contexts. Some of these synonyms include common, routine, standard, usual, and conventional. In the medical field, the word "healthy" is often used as a synonym for normal. Another synonym that is gaining popularity is "baseline," which refers to a level of normality that is used as a reference point. In summary, while "normal" is a useful and versatile word, it's helpful to know some synonyms to add variation and precision to your writing or communication.

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How to use "Normal" in context?

Normal. It's something we all strive for; something to which we all aspired. But what is "normal"? For some people, it means having a job and a home; for others, it means having a partner and two cats. But what is "normal"? For most of us, it's something we don't really have control over. It's something we hope to find, but it always seems out of reach.

But what if normal was something we could control? What if it consisted of our own unique set of values and beliefs, instead of something we were forced to adopt because it was considered "normal"?

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