What is another word for suspense?

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Suspense is a feeling of anxious uncertainty or excitement about what may happen next. Synonyms for suspense include anticipation, apprehension, expectation, tension, unease, anxiety, nervousness, and edginess. These words all capture the sense of anticipation and trepidation that comes with waiting for an outcome, whether it's in a suspenseful movie, a thrilling book, or a real-life situation. Other synonyms for suspense might include intrigue, mystery, or drama, which suggest a sense of excitement or interest in what might happen next. Whatever word you choose, it's clear that suspense is a powerful emotion that keeps us on the edge of our seats and eager for more.

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How to use "Suspense" in context?

There's a certain sense of suspense that pervades through the air when a story is unfolding and the audience is trying to figure out what's going to happen next. When the characters in a story are in jeopardy, the audience is immediately on edge, anxious to see how things will turn out. The heightened sense of suspense can be partly attributed to how effective storytelling can be in building suspense. In fact, some studies have shown that audiences tend to focus more on stories when there's suspense involved and are more likely to identify with the characters.

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