What is another word for confidence?

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Confidence is a term that connotes a feeling of self-assurance or belief in one's abilities. It is a critical component of personal and professional success. Several synonyms for this term exist, including assurance, boldness, bravery, courage, conviction, faith, poise, self-assurance, self-confidence, self-reliance, and trust. Each of the above-worded synonyms implies the belief in oneself or one's potential to succeed. Confidence is significant because it helps individuals overcome fear, anxiety and self-doubt which are often roadblocks to attaining success and reaching one's maximum potential. Whatever term one uses to describe it; confidence is a crucial element that everyone should possess to succeed in life.

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    Confidence is a feeling of self-reliance and assurance in one's abilities. It is often considered a key component of success. It is essential to have confidence in oneself to take risks and to persist in the face of obstacles. It is also important to have confidence in one's abilities, as this can lead to greater motivation and performance.

    confidence can be developed through experiences and interactions with others. It is important to have a supportive environment in which to grow and develop confidence. It is also important to have confidence in one's own skills and strengths, as this can lead to greater motivation and performance.

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