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Swung is a common English verb that refers to the motion of something or someone swinging back and forth. However, there are several synonyms for swung that can be used to add variety to your writing. Some of the popular synonyms for swung are oscillated, swayed, vibrated, rocked, and pendulated. Oscillated is more formal and refers to the regular back and forth motion of an object. Swayed is often used to describe a gentle or graceful swinging motion. Vibrated is commonly used to describe a fast and irregular swinging motion. Rocked can be used to describe the motion of a person swinging back and forth in a chair. Pendulated is a technical term used to describe the swinging of a vertical object like a pendulum.

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In every sport, timing and technique count. And in golf, there is a word for that timing and technique - Swung. Swung means to complete an action with precision, timing and control. This is especially important in golf because the game is so short - just 18 holes on a heavily wooded course. There are few opportunities for mistakes. So everything you do on the course must be executed perfectly. To play to your best ability, you need to be technically sound and timed.

Often, golfers make their biggest mistakes on the front side of the golf swing.

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