What is another word for rotate?

Pronunciation: [ɹə͡ʊtˈe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Rotate is defined as to turn around an axis or center point. There are several synonyms for the word rotate including to revolve, spin, twirl, whirl, pivot, turn, gyrate, orbit, hinge, swirl, and roll. These words refer to an object or organism that moves around a specific point in a circular or repetitive motion. For example, the Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours, causing day and night cycles. A wheel on a car rotates as it moves forward. People rotate their heads when they look around a room. These synonyms provide diverse options for writers or speakers who want to avoid repetition and add descriptive language to their conversation.

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When considering antonyms for the word "rotate," it is important to think about words that describe an opposite motion or lack of motion. One such antonym could be "stationary," which describes something that is not moving at all. Another antonym is "fixed," which describes an object that is set in place and does not move or turn. Additionally, "still" and "immobile" can also be antonyms for "rotate," as they both describe a lack of movement or motion. By understanding these antonyms, one can better identify when an object is rotating versus remaining stationary or fixed in place.

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Usage examples for Rotate

This support should be loose enough so that the thumb and first finger can easily cause the tube to rotate regularly on its axis, but firm enough to carry all the weight of the tube, leaving the thumb and first finger nothing to do but rotate it.
"Laboratory Manual of Glass-Blowing"
Francis C. Frary
It seems probable that the interior parts of the sun do not rotate as if the whole were a rigidly connected mass.
"The Story of the Heavens"
Robert Stawell Ball
But now suppose that this great sphere, which we have hitherto assumed to be at rest, is made to rotate round an axis passing through its centre.
"The Story of the Heavens"
Robert Stawell Ball

Famous quotes with Rotate

  • If the Earth could be made to rotate twice as fast, managers would get twice as much done. If the Earth could be made to rotate twenty times as fast, everyone else would get twice as much done since all the managers would fly off.
    Norman Ralph Augustine
  • Even such an obvious idea as to observe an animal with vertigo or to rotate an animal did not occur to him, in spite of the fact that he conducted numerous vertigo experiments with human subjects and made frequent use of animal experiments.
    Robert Barany
  • We all live on the same planet, it is our only home, so... we used to rotate crops back in the day and, you know, who cares if you're going to make a profit if everybody's too dead or glowing in the dark to be able to purchase anything.
    Michael Berryman
  • One simple way to keep organizations from becoming cancerous might be to rotate all jobs on a regular, frequent and mandatory basis, including the leadership positions.
    Robert Shea
  • To hit a baseball with dispatch, one needs both to step into the ball and to rotate.
    Robert Adair (physicist)

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