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There are several alternatives to the word "passed" that can be used depending on the context. If referring to someone who has died, other options include "passed away," "passed on," "departed," or "gone." In terms of a test or exam, synonyms for "passed" include "succeeded," "achieved," or "earned a passing grade." If discussing the act of moving past something or someone, alternatives include "went by," "slipped past," "forgotten," "overcome," or "transcended." For a duration of time, "elapsed," "gone by," or "elapsed" might be used. No matter the circumstance, there are always synonyms available to reflect a variety of tones and meanings.

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How to use "Passed" in context?

People often say that Passed means "gone." When used as a verb, passed means to cause to go by or past. To be passed by means to be overtaken or passed by in traffic. To be passed on means to be forgotten or to be ignored.

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