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Synonyms for the word 'synagogue' often vary depending on the language in which it is being spoken. For example, in Hebrew, it is commonly known as a "Beit Knesset," which translates to "House of Assembly." In Arabic, it is referred to as a "Masjid al-Yahud," which means "Jewish Mosque." Another synonym for synagogue is "shul," which is a Yiddish word for a place of worship. In addition, some modern synagogues are also known by their architectural style, such as a "temple" or a "shrine." Whether it's a house of worship, a community center, or a sacred space, the synagogue is an important symbol of Jewish faith and tradition.

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    How to use "Synagogue" in context?

    Synagogues are religious buildings and museums in the Jewish tradition. They are used for prayer and for the reading of prayers and Torah (the WORD of GOD). Orthodox synagogues have a pulpit from which the rabbi delivers sermons, and the sanctuary is typically decorated with a menorah, Torah scrolls, and other symbols of Jewish culture and tradition. In addition to serving as houses of worship, synagogues are also social institutions, where Jews from all over the world come together to meet, socialize, and worship.

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