What is another word for synagogues?

Pronunciation: [sˈɪnɐɡˌɒɡz] (IPA)

Synonyms for the word "synagogues" could include "temples" or "houses of worship" which are commonly used to describe places of religious prayer and gatherings for Jewish communities. Another synonym could be "shuls" which is a Yiddish term used to describe synagogues. Additionally, "congregations" and "communities" can be used interchangeably to describe groups of people who come together in synagogues for religious services and events. "Tabernacles" is another synonym that describes temporary dwellings used for Jewish festivals and celebrations. Whether it is called a temple, shul, congregation, or tabernacle, a synagogue remains a holy place for Jewish people to come together in community and worship.

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Usage examples for Synagogues

He spent three months amongst the Jews of that city and of Cairo, preaching in their synagogues, and distributing New Testaments.
"Some Jewish Witnesses For Christ"
Rev. A. Bernstein, B.D.
In the synagogues women were obliged to sit in a gallery which was separated from the main room by a lattice.
"Women of Early Christianity Woman: In all ages and in all countries, Vol. 3 (of 10)"
Alfred Brittain Mitchell Carroll
The Psalms were sung in the synagogues according to a settled principle.
"A Short History of the Book of Common Prayer"
William Reed Huntington

Famous quotes with Synagogues

  • I now attend non-orthodox synagogues, and study little during the secular week.
    Luke Ford
  • I believe in Christianity, Judaism and Islamism, but I stay away from churches, synagogues and mosques.
    Ted Lange
  • But when I do think about religious problems, I think in Hindu categories. When my father died, it was the first time something really terrible happened to me-and Christianity and Judaism were of absolutely no use to me. My Jewish and Christian friends would take me to synagogues and churches, and it didn't help at all. And then I started thinking about the myths I was translating at the time, which were about death-why there is death, how death came into the world, what happens when we die, speculations about karma and rebirth. The Hindu version of it made more sense to me than anything. It just seemed like Shiva as a god was more likely to be responsible for the world the way I knew it than the gods of Judaism and Christianity. Capricious, beautiful, violent, it just made more sense.
    Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty
  • There is no escaping the unfortunate fact that Muslim government employees in law enforcement, the military, and the diplomatic corps need to be watched for connections to terrorism, as do Muslim chaplains in prisons and the armed forces. Muslim visitors and immigrants must undergo additional background checks. Mosques require a scrutiny beyond that applied to churches, synagogues, and temples. Muslim schools require increased oversight to ascertain what is being taught to children.
    Daniel Pipes

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