What is another word for edifice?

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Edifice refers to a building, especially one that is large or imposing in appearance. There are several synonyms for the word edifice that can be used to refer to buildings or constructions of different types and sizes. For instance, "structure" can be used to describe a building, bridge, or any other man-made construction. "Building" is another synonym that can be used to refer to a particular edifice or any construction that forms a place of shelter or work. "Construction" refers to the process of building something while "monument" is a synonym that can be used to describe a large, impressive building or construction that's of significant historical or architectural importance.

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How to use "Edifice" in context?

Edifice is a large, impressive building. It may be made of any material, but is typically made of stone, brick, or concrete. an edifice can be any size, but is typically at least three stories tall.

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