What is another word for t-junction?

Pronunciation: [tˈiːd͡ʒˈʌŋkʃən] (IPA)

T-junction can also be referred to as a crossroad, intersection, or crossing. It is a point where one road branches off to form a "T" shape with another road. Some other synonyms for t-junction include turning point, divergent point, and split point. In traffic and driving terminology, a t-junction is commonly known as a "three-way intersection". These intersections are often controlled by stop signs or traffic lights to regulate the flow of vehicles. Additionally, other synonyms used to describe t-junctions in the UK include turnoffs and interchanges. Proper understanding and application of these synonyms can help clarify communication and road navigation.

Synonyms for T-junction:

What are the hypernyms for T-junction?

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What are the hyponyms for T-junction?

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