What is another word for bend?

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Bend is a word that refers to a change of direction or shape. There are several synonyms for this word, including curve, twist, flex, contort, and warp. Curve can be used to describe a gentle, gradual change in direction, while twist refers to a more sudden or abrupt change. Flex involves applying pressure to something, thereby causing it to change shape. Contort suggests a more extreme, often painful change in shape, while warp implies a sudden or permanent distortion. Whether you are describing a physical object or a metaphorical situation, it's important to choose the right synonym for bend in order to convey your intended meaning.

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    When someone mentions the word "bend," it might conjure up a mental image of the act of snapping a rubber band. Unfortunately, the word "bend" has a much more specific meaning in the context of physics and engineering. "Bend" refers to the gradual transformation of stress or strain in a material when a relatively small amount of force is applied. In other words, if you attempt to bend a piece of metal using your bare hands, you'll likely only be able to achieve a slight amount of torsion or twisting.

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