What is another word for cloverleaf?

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Cloverleaf is a term generally used for a type of highway intersection where two major roads intersect, and a series of ramps and loops allow for drivers to enter and exit without crossing the path of oncoming traffic. However, there are several other synonyms that can be used to refer to this type of interchange, such as diamond interchange, stack interchange, and trumpet interchange. Diamond interchange is a similar but simpler version of the cloverleaf. Stack interchange, on the other hand, allows for multiple highways to cross each other. Lastly, trumpet interchange is similar to the cloverleaf but contains a loop on one side of the interchange.

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How to use "Cloverleaf" in context?

The cloverleaf interchange is the most commonly used type of interchange in the United States. Cloverleaf interchanges are characterized by their diamond-shaped layout with four roads converging on a central rotary.

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