What is another word for tabooli?

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[ tˈabuːlˌi], [ tˈabuːlˌi], [ t_ˈa_b_uː_l_ˌi]

Tabooli is a popular Middle Eastern salad dish made with parsley, tomato, scallions, cracked wheat, and lemon juice. The dish has a wide range of synonyms that vary from region to region. In Egypt, it is known as "tamayah," while in Palestine, it is called "al-zabadi." In Lebanon and Syria, it is commonly referred to as "tabbouleh," while in Israel, it is known as "salat yarok." Additionally, some regional variations of tabooli include different ingredients such as mint, cucumber, or pomegranate seeds. Regardless of the name or variation, tabooli remains a delicious and refreshing dish that is enjoyed throughout the Middle East and beyond.

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