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Taboo is a word that refers to something that is forbidden, prohibited or considered to be unacceptable by a particular society or group. There are many synonyms for the word taboo, which vary depending on the context and cultural background. Some common synonyms include prohibited, forbidden, banned, restricted, censored, and tabooed. Other synonyms for taboo include off-limits, no-go, hush-hush, untouchable, unmentionable, and verboten. In some cultures, certain topics may be tabooed due to superstition or religious belief. It is important to respect cultural norms and understand the potential consequences of breaking taboos when interacting with people from different societies.

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How to use "Taboo" in context?

There are certain words or phrases that are regarded as taboo in certain cultures. These words or phrases are often considered inappropriate or offensive and are not generally spoken or written. Some of the most commonly taboo words or phrases are swearwords, sexual offences, and derogatory terms for particular groups of people.

Swearwords are often considered taboo in many cultures, and they may not be used in polite company. In some cultures, it is even considered offensive to use swearwords in public. It is generally considered improper to swear in any situation, especially in front of children.

Sexual offences are often considered taboo in many cultures.

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