What is another word for Tabooing?

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Tabooing is the act of prohibiting or forbidding something due to a societal or cultural belief that it is unacceptable or offensive. Some synonyms for the word "tabooing" include banning, proscribing, outlawing, and vetoing. Other words that denote the act of avoiding or prohibiting something include shunning, blacklisting, censoring, and suppressing. These words are often used interchangeably depending on the context and severity of the prohibition. Tabooing is often associated with moralistic or cultural beliefs, and can be a powerful tool for shaping societal norms and values. However, it can also stifle creativity and individual expression if taken too far, and must be approached with caution and understanding.

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What are the opposite words for Tabooing?

Tabooing refers to prohibiting or forbidding a certain action or behavior. Antonyms for tabooing would be allowing, approving, permitting, authorizing, encouraging, and endorsing. When something is allowed, it is not tabooed, and individuals can engage in the behavior without fear of punishment or criticism. Approving and endorsements provide an official seal of approval for an action or behavior, indicating that it is acceptable and even desirable. Encouraging, authorizing, and permitting provide active support for an action or behavior, indicating that it is not only allowed but also encouraged or supported. Overall, the antonyms for tabooing indicate an environment that is more permissive, lenient, and accommodating, emphasizing freedom and individual choice over conformity and restriction.

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Usage examples for Tabooing

Pretty little programmes were distributed around the room; blue for the ladies, pink for the "gentlemen," and after each dance the couples marched round and round the room, conversing together as if they were at "a real party," and Tabooing the affairs of ordinary school life.
"Pixie O'Shaughnessy"
Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
It's the only way to deal with these Tabooing chiefs.
"The British Barbarians"
Grant Allen
"But that's always the way in Tabooing societies.
"The British Barbarians"
Grant Allen

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