What is another word for tangibly?

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Tangibly is an adverb used to describe something that is measurable or perceptible through the senses. However, there are various synonyms for tangibly, such as concretely, physically, palpably, and visibly. Concretely is used to describe something that is solid, tangible, and real. It refers to something that can be seen, touched, or perceived by the senses. Physically refers to something that exists in the physical world and can be felt through the senses. Palpably is used to describe something that is evident and easily perceived. Visibly is used to describe something that is easily seen or observed, either physically or metaphorically. These synonyms provide a wide range of descriptions for tangible items and concepts.

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    How to use "Tangibly" in context?

    1. tangibly refers to something that can be touched, seen, or felt.

    2. Tangibility can be a determining factor when buying something, or when judging the quality of something.

    3. Tangibility can also influence how something is perceived, or how it is remembered.

    4. tangibility can be a valuable asset in business, and can help increase sales and attract new customers.

    5. In terms of beauty, tangibility can also play a role in how something is perceived.

    6. Ultimately, tangibility is an important aspect of life, and can be found in everything from objects to relationships.

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