What is another word for admittedly?

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Admittedly is a transitional word that typically signals the speaker's or writer's willingness to recognize or acknowledge a certain point or fact. There are different ways to express this idea, however, and using synonyms can add variety and nuance to your writing. Some synonyms for admittedly include unquestionably, without a doubt, undoubtedly, certainly, indeed, certainly, surely, undeniably, and admittedly so. Each of these options conveys a sense of certainty or concession, but some may be better suited for formal or informal contexts or to emphasize a particular aspect of the admission. Ultimately, the choice of synonym depends on the intended tone and purpose of the statement.

Similar words: confessedly, frankly, openly, admittedly

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    Originally, admitting was seen as a negative word. People would use it as a filler word when they were trying to avoid saying something, like when they say "I'm sorry" instead of "I'm aware". However, the meaning of admitting has changed over the years. Now, admitting can be viewed as a positive action. It can show that you are willing to listen and learn. In some cases, admitting can also lead to forgiveness.

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