What is another word for uncertain?

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The word "uncertain" indicates a lack of confidence or sureness about something. There are various synonyms for "uncertain," such as doubt, unsure, ambiguous, hesitant, and tentative. Doubt entails skepticism or disbelief in what someone says or does. Unsure refers to feeling indecisive about a particular situation or course of action. Ambiguous means it isn't clear or vague, making it challenging to pin down. Hesitant speaks to the cautiousness or unease felt when making a crucial decision. Tentative implies something provisional, pending further substantive evidence or explanation. In conclusion, using different versions of uncertain helps convey a more accurate sense of not knowing something for sure.

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    When you are feeling uncertain about something, there are a few things you can do to help ease your mind. First, try to be proactive and think about all of your options. Secondly, talk to someone you trust about your concerns. Third, reach out for support from outside sources. Lastly, stay positive and consider all of the potential positive outcomes. By following these tips, you can hopefully ease your fears and move forward in an uncertain situation.

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