What is another word for taunt?

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[ tˈɔːnt], [ tˈɔːnt], [ t_ˈɔː_n_t]

The English language is rich in synonyms for the word "taunt," which conveniently means to mock or tease someone in a provocative manner. Some alternatives to this word include deride, ridicule, jeer, sneer, tease, insult, mock, and heckle. Each of these words conveys a slightly different meaning, which can affect the tone of the sentence in which they are used. For example, "deride" suggests a more sustained and systematic mocking, while "jeer" implies a more vocal and immediate response. "Taunt" can also be replaced by gentler synonyms such as jibe, barb, banter, or jest, which can be less hurtful and more playful.

Synonyms for Taunt:

How to use "Taunt" in context?

Taunting someone is a way to make them feel bad. It can be done verbally, or through actions. Taunting can be done for fun, or to upset someone. It can also be done to show off your skills.

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