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Regard is a versatile word that can take on many different meanings depending on the context it is used in. Some synonyms for regard include consideration, attention, thoughtfulness, esteem, appreciation, and admiration. Consideration refers to the act of thinking about something carefully. Attention refers to focusing one's consciousness on a particular object or subject. Thoughtfulness refers to being mindful and considerate of others. Esteem refers to holding someone in high regard or admiration. Appreciation refers to expressing gratitude or recognizing someone's value. Admiration refers to feeling a sense of respect and awe towards someone. All of these synonyms can help convey different nuances of the word regard.

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    How to use "Regard" in context?

    When it comes to the English language, one word can have many different meanings. "regard" is no exception. Below, we've outlined some of the different ways "regard" can be used in English.

    To regards something or someone with admiration or respect

    I regard your cooking as the best around.

    To look at with interest or curiosity

    I regard the painting as a masterpiece.

    To think favorably of

    I regard him as a wonderful husband.

    To take notice of

    I regard your point of view very matter-of-factly.

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