What is another word for touchstone?

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Touchstone is a word that refers to a benchmark or a standard by which the quality or worth of something can be measured or judged. Other synonyms for touchstone include standard, benchmark, yardstick, gauge, criterion, test, measure and litmus test. A touchstone is often considered as a fundamental principle or a model to evaluate or compare other things. It is used in many different contexts, such as literature, art, science, business, and so on. The importance of touchstones lies in their ability to provide a basis for comparison and evaluation, helping people make informed decisions about different aspects of life. Therefore, employing these synonyms help us to better understand and appreciate the depth of the concept of touchstone.

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    "A touchstone is a tool or object with which one can test the authenticity or quality of something." It is often used metaphorically to describe someone or something that is important to someone. For example, a father may say that his daughter is his "touchstone" because she is so important to him.

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