What is another word for cornerstone?

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A cornerstone is the first stone that is laid in a building's foundation. It is the beginning of something great. However, if you want to convey the same meaning in different words, you can use any of these synonyms. The term "foundation" is a reference to the underlying principle on which something is built. "Pillar" refers to a significant supporter of an organization or society, while "anchor" denotes stability and reliability. "Bedrock" acknowledges a solid and unchangeable foundation, while "keystone" represents the fundamental element that holds something together. Each of these terms is an excellent alternative to the word cornerstone, and they all symbolize the importance of a solid foundation in life.

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    It can be said that a cornerstone is the cornerstone of a building or a structure. It is something that is relied on for stability and strength, and it is often the first thing that is replaced if it becomes damaged. Depending on the construction, a cornerstone can also serve as a watertight seal for a trench or an opening.

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