What is another word for tourist?

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A tourist is someone who is traveling to a different place for pleasure or leisure. Some synonyms for the word tourist are traveler, visitor, vacationer, explorer, globetrotter, sightseer, excursionist, holidaymaker, and backpacker. Traveler is a broader category that includes tourists, but it can also include people who travel for business or other purposes. Visitor implies a shorter stay in a place, and vacationer suggests traveling to relax and get away from work. Explorer and globetrotter are used for those who travel to remote or exotic places. Sightseer and excursionist describe those who go on tours or sightseeing activities. Holidaymaker denotes people traveling for a holiday, while backpackers travel on a budget and independently.

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How to use "Tourist" in context?

Tourist is a word used to describe someone who travels to different parts of the world in order to enjoy the sights and sounds of the different cultures. These people can be either short-term visitors or long-term residents.

While most tourists are interested in seeing the best of the country or region they are visiting, some tourists also seek out unique or quirky experiences. These can include visiting isolated villages or quirky tourist attractions.

Whatever the reason for visiting a place, tourists are often pleasantly surprised by the unexpected.

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