What is another word for pilgrim?

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A pilgrim refers to a person who undertakes a journey, especially a religious one, to a sacred place. There are a variety of synonyms for pilgrim, including devotee, traveler, wayfarer, seeker, wanderer, voyager, sojourner, and explorer. Devotee refers to someone who is deeply committed to a particular person, belief, or cause. Traveler and wayfarer both refer to someone who is on a journey, with the latter often connoting a sense of wandering or vagabondage. Seeker denotes someone who is searching for something, often with a spiritual or philosophical connotation. Voyager and sojourner both imply a temporary stay in a foreign place. Finally, explorer refers to someone who is seeking new experiences or knowledge, often through travel or adventure.

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    A pilgrim is someone who makes a journey to a religious or spiritual place. Pilgrimage can be physical, such as walking to a shrine, or it can be spiritual, such as visiting a religious sanctuary. Pilgrimage can involve a group of people or it can be an individual journey.

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