What is another word for tragopan?

Pronunciation: [tɹˈad͡ʒəpˌan] (IPA)

Tragopan, the name of a bird belonging to the pheasant family, has several synonyms that are used interchangeably. Some of the synonyms for tragopan include "horned pheasant," "forest hen," and "horned red pheasant." These synonyms are often used in the scientific community to describe different varieties of tragopan, such as the Western tragopan (also known as the Western horned pheasant) and the Satyr tragopan (also called the Crimson horned pheasant). While these synonyms may be less popular in everyday conversation, they are essential for accurately describing and identifying different species of tragopan.

Synonyms for Tragopan:

What are the hypernyms for Tragopan?

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