What is another word for magpie?

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Magpie is a common bird species known for its black and white feathering. However, there are several other synonyms used to refer to this bird. One of the most common is the Eurasian Magpie, which refers specifically to the magpie species found in Europe and Asia. The term "jay" is also sometimes used to describe magpies, although this is technically incorrect, as jays are a different bird species altogether. Other synonyms include the common magpie, the black-billed magpie, and the yellow-billed magpie. Each of these species has distinct physical features and behaviors, but all share the characteristic black and white plumage that makes them so easily recognizable.

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    Magpies are one of the most common bird species in North America. This is a common black and white bird that can range from 19 to 23 inches in length. They have a long beak and often have colorful plumage. Magpies are found in a variety of habitats across the continent including forests, towns, fields, and wetlands. They are often seen in groups or families and are omnivorous. They scavenge for food and often take food from other birds or animals.

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