What is another word for travail?

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Travail is a word that refers to a difficult, tiring or painful experience. It is often used to describe a strenuous physical or mental activity. There are a number of synonyms for the word travail that can be used to convey a similar meaning. One possible synonym is hardship, which refers to a difficult or challenging situation. Another option is to use the word toil, which connotes hard work or labour. Alternatively, struggle is an effective synonym that emphasizes the difficulty or resistance faced in the undertaking. One could also choose to use the word drudgery, which portrays the work as tedious, dull or repetitive. Agonize is another possible synonym, which suggests a sense of suffering or anguish associated with the task at hand. Overall, there are numerous synonyms for the word travail that can help one to effectively convey the sense of struggle, difficulty or hardship being experienced.

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How to use "Travail" in context?

The English word "travail" has origins in the French word "travailler," meaning "to work." One of the most common definitions of "travail" is "a process or an undertaking, especially one that is physically or emotionally hard." The dictionary also notes that "travail" can mean "a measure of strength, intensity, or effort;" "result of labor or toil"; and "a cause of concern or annoyance." In today's society, "travail" often refers to a type of work that is difficult and requires a lot of effort.

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