What is another word for relief?

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Relief is a feeling of comfort or satisfaction that something unpleasant or difficult has ended. It is a state of being happy or reassured that a burden has been lifted. Synonyms for the word relief include comfort, solace, satisfaction, ease, peacefulness, contentment, happiness, and gratitude. Other words that can be used in place of relief include respite, reprieve, release, and cessation. A sense of relief can be brought on by various things, such as the resolution of a problem, the end of a stressful situation, or the achievement of a goal. Whatever the cause, the feeling of relief is a welcomed emotion that brings much-needed respite to the mind and body.

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How to use "Relief" in context?

There are many types of relief. Relief from physical pain and suffering, such as from a headache, can be immediate. Relief from emotional pain can also be immediate, but more often it takes time for the emotional pain to subside. Some types of relief take longer, such as relief from anxiety. Relief can also take the form of a change in attitude, such as from depression or from feeling overwhelmed.

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