What is another word for tree house?

Pronunciation: [tɹˈiː hˈa͡ʊs] (IPA)

Tree houses, also known as treeforts, are small structures built on or within the branches of trees. They are often used as play spaces or hideouts for children, but can also be used as unique accommodations for adults seeking a closer connection to nature. Other synonyms for tree house may include arboreal dwelling or abode, canopy cabin, leafy lodge, or branch bungalow. These terms all refer to a dwelling built in or around a tree, which can provide a unique vantage point and a sense of adventure for those who inhabit them. Regardless of the name, a tree house remains a magical retreat for the young and young at heart.

Synonyms for Tree house:

What are the hypernyms for Tree house?

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What are the hyponyms for Tree house?

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