What is another word for roundabout?

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A roundabout is a circular junction where two or more roads meet, and traffic moves in a clockwise direction around a central island. There are several synonyms for the word roundabout, including traffic circle, rotary, circulator, gyratory, or circle intersection. A traffic circle is a term mostly used in the US, while rotary is commonly used in the UK. A circulator is another synonym that refers to a central point where traffic flows in circles. A gyratory intersection is a large roundabout where several lanes of traffic meet. Whatever it is called, a roundabout is an efficient and safer traffic solution than traditional intersections, as it reduces the risk of accidents and improves traffic flow.

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    Roundabout is a word that can have multiple antonyms based on its usage. If it is used to describe a circular intersection, then its antonyms can be straight roads, direct roads, or linear roads. On the other hand, if roundabout is used to describe a lengthy or indirect way of saying something, its antonyms can be succinct, concise, or straightforward. Additionally, if it is used to describe a complex or confusing situation, then its antonyms can be clear, uncomplicated, or easy. Therefore, understanding the context of the word roundabout is important in finding its antonyms.

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    By this somewhat roundabout method he invaded the parlor.
    "Lonesome Land"
    B. M. Bower
    The roundabout versus the World....
    Hugh Walpole
    He had thought of the very place for them in Chelsea, near the roundabout, the very house....
    Hugh Walpole

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