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Pronunciation: [tɹˈɪplət kˈə͡ʊd] (IPA)

The term "triplet code" refers to the sequence of three nucleotides that code for a specific amino acid in DNA or RNA. There are several synonyms for this term, including "codon", "genetic code triplet", and "trinucleotide code". The importance of the triplet code lies in its ability to accurately translate genetic information into protein synthesis, with each amino acid corresponding to a specific triplet code sequence. Alternations in the triplet code can result in genetic disorders and mutations, highlighting the vital role it plays in cellular function. Overall, "triplet code" remains the most commonly used term to describe this fundamental aspect of molecular biology.

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  • It has yet to be shown by direct biochemical methods, as opposed to the indirect genetic evidence mentioned earlier, that the code is indeed a triplet code.
    Francis Crick

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