What is another word for tumultuous?

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Tumultuous is an adjective that means characterised by unrest, confusion or disturbance. Some synonyms for the word tumultuous include turbulent, stormy, chaotic, unsettled, and tumultary. Turbulent describes agitation or disorder, often characterised by conflict or violence. Stormy implies a situation that is marked by intense emotions, such as heated arguments or strong feelings. Chaotic denotes a complete lack of order or structure, often leading to perplexity or disarray. Unsettled describes a situation that is uncertain or not yet decided upon. Tumultary implies a state marked by uproar or frenzy, suggesting a state of chaos or confusion that is out of control.

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    Tumultuous is an adjective meaning full of noise and disorder. The word can be used to describe a situation that is chaotic and full of excitement. It can also refer to a dramatic or passionate reaction. In general, when something is tumultuous, it is chaotic and difficult to control.

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