What is another word for unperturbed?

Pronunciation: [ʌnpətˈɜːbd] (IPA)

Unperturbed is a word that suggests a state of calm or composure despite external pressures or stimuli. There are several synonyms for this word, including unruffled, composed, unflappable, serene, undisturbed, and collected. Each of these words implies a sense of poise and tranquility regardless of the situation or circumstances. Other synonyms that convey similar meanings to unperturbed include steadfast, stoic, imperturbable, equanimous, and placid. These words highlight the importance of maintaining a sense of inner peace and stability, even in the face of challenges and disruptions. Ultimately, the various synonyms for unperturbed all emphasize the value of maintaining a cool and collected demeanor in daily life.

Synonyms for Unperturbed:

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What are the hypernyms for Unperturbed?

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What are the opposite words for unperturbed?

Unperturbed means to be calm, composed and undisturbed. Its antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning and convey a sense of agitation, unrest, and disturbance. Here are few antonyms for the word unperturbed: 1. Agitated - means to be feeling or appearing troubled or nervous 2. Anxious - means feeling worried and uneasy 3. Distraught - means deeply upset and disturbed 4. Flustered - means to be agitated or confused 5. Nervous - means feeling afraid or apprehensive 6. Restless - means unable to relax and calm down 7. Shaken - means to be disorientated or unsettled These antonyms convey a sense of unease, turmoil and unsettlement, which are the opposite of being unperturbed.

What are the antonyms for Unperturbed?

Usage examples for Unperturbed

He was stuck very fast indeed, but appeared to be perfectly unperturbed-only every now and again he kicked a little with his legs.
Hugh Walpole
unperturbed, she looked down at a desk he could imagine, but could not see.
"Tangle Hold"
F. L. Wallace
She still sat there, returning his gaze, unperturbed, unmarked by the bullets.
"Wheels Within"
Charles V. De Vet

Famous quotes with Unperturbed

  • His among the clouded faces seemed unperturbed. He looked over the Americans, their gear. In truth, they did not look like men who might have whiskey they hadn't drunk.
    Cormac McCarthy
  • the ranchers, who would have remained unperturbed should the American flag have been run up in Sonoma and who would have considered it as the harbinger of a period of progress and enlightenment, seized their machetes and guns and fled to the woods, determined to await a propitious moment for getting rid of the disturbers of the peace. Strange to relate, the first victim that the ranchers sacrificed was the painter of the "Bear Flag," young Thomas Cowie
    Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo

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