What is another word for unbelief?

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[ ʌnbɪlˈiːf], [ ʌnbɪlˈiːf], [ ʌ_n_b_ɪ_l_ˈiː_f]

Unbelief, also known as disbelief, refers to a lack of faith or trust. It can be applied in religious contexts when describing an individual's rejection of religious beliefs or atheism. However, it can also relate to a general lack of trust or skepticism towards an idea or person. Synonyms for unbelief include skepticism, doubt, mistrust, incredulity, and uncertainty. Each of these terms acknowledges a resistance to believe a statement, person, or ideology without sufficient evidence or proof. While unbelief can sometimes be viewed negatively in certain contexts, skepticism is often seen as a healthy and necessary questioning of assumptions, and doubt as a natural byproduct of critical thinking.

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How to use "Unbelief" in context?

Unbelief is the absence or lack of faith in a god or gods. It is also the philosophical term for not accepting a belief as a truth. The word "unbelief" comes from the Latin verb unbelievere, which means "to set aside, disbelieve", from the past participle of the verb un- "to displace, remove" and believere "to believe", from the root b- "to bend". The Oxford English Dictionary defines disbelief as "the act or state of disbelieving, the state of being without faith or trust".

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